, LATITOP Red 2-Slice Toaster

LATITOP Red 2-Slice Toaster

LATITOP Red 2-Slice Toaster Features

  • ✔ EXTRA WIDE SLOTS: This toaster designed with wide long slots to easily fit thick breads such as artisan breads, bagels and buns. So do not need to worry about bread getting jammed in toaster.
  • ✔ CANCEL, DEFROST& REHEAT FUNCTIONS WITH LED INDICATOR LIGHTS: The light is always illuminated red when in use, and automatically go out when the toasting is done. Plus, the toasting operation can be halted at anytime by pressing Stop button, then the light will go out and toasting stops.
  • ✔ SLIDE-OUT CRUMB TRAY FOR EASY CLEANING: There is a crumb catcher attached on the bottom of the toaster that can slides out easily, making it easy to clean up the debris of the breads.
  • ✔ HIGH LIFT FUNCTION: Once toasting is done, the lever pops up higher than normal making it easier and safer to reach small slices.
  • ✔ BREAD BROWNNESS CONTROL: The toaster has a control knob that can be adjusted for the amount of browning desired. The brownness setting dial goes from 1-7. Setting '1' is for lightest brownness and '7' for darkest toast.

LATITOP Red 2-Slice Toaster Description

●Material: Aluminum(grill part), Zinc(silver color part), and Stainless steel(Red part)
●Color: Red
●Slices: 2 slices
●Whole size: 10.5*6*6.5inch(L*W*H)
●Slot Size: 5.5* 1.5*4.8inch(L*W*H)
●Voltage: 120V
●Power: 850W
●Weight: 1.05kg

Multiple Functions:
Toast: Toasts breads, bagels, English muffins and pop tarts
Defrost: First defrost, then toast frozen bread
Reheat: If you get interrupted, this feature lets you reheat the toast without destroying it.
Cancel: Press this button to stops all toasting operation

Extra Wide Slots:
1.5inch wide slot accommodates thick and thin foods

Adjustable Heat/browning Settings:
The toaster has a browning control knob that can be adjusted for the brownness degree of the breads.
Settings 1-2: light shade of toast
Settings 3-4: medium shade of toast
Settings 5-7: dark shade of toast

High-lift Lever& Retractable Cord:
Lever pops up automatically higher than normal as soon as toasting is done. The extra high-lift feature helps you to get smaller pieces of bread out so you do not burn your fingers. The power cord can be rolled into the toaster bottom for easy storage

Slide-Out Tray:
Keep the counter clean and the kitchen smelling fresh. The crumb tray lets you remove crumbs easily before they burn your counter or mess up your kitchen.

Please heat the machine without putting in bread 3 times if there is smell from it, please do not worry about the safety, it’s normal to have some smell for new items.

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