Finally, The Secret Of World-Class Pastry Chefs And Bread Bakers Is Revealed!

Looking for a convenient and durable kitchen multi-tool to replace all those flimsy accessories?

Need a powerful and reliable stand mixer to help you cook all those incredible recipes?

Presenting The Ultimate SM983 Silver Stand Mixer By Litchi!

Designed in collaboration with expert pastry chefs, our sleek and sturdy stand mixer is here to help you minimize the time and effort you spend on kneading bread or cookie dough without compromising on the results!

High-Octane 650W Motor For Maximum Performance!

The 650W motor can be handled via a 6-speed control with an innovative pulse function for optimal results and lighter than air dough!

Satiny Frosting & Airy Bread Dough Effortlessly!

The 5.5qt stainless steel mixing bowl is larger than almost all alternatives and features an ergonomic handle, so you can easily make dough in larger quantities without wasting time.

Easy & Instant Access To Your Dough!

Our, professional-grade stand mixer features an innovative tilt-back head function, so you can easily access the mixture, add any ingredients you need efficiently and enjoy a smoother cooking experience!

Cleaning It Is A Breeze!

All you have to do is slip the bowl and whisks in the dishwasher and you’re good to go!

4 Multi-Purpose Accessories:

1 x Sturdy Whisk

1 x Practical C-Dough Hook

1 x Y-shaped Mixing Blade

1 x Flex Flat Beater

Mix Things Up In The Kitchen!

Now you can finally make pizza dough, bread, creamy mashed potatoes, cupcakes, cakes, croissants, cookies, pancakes, pretzels, bagels, meringues and frosting effortlessly in minutes!

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