, Ice-Cream Maker Machine Soft-Serve Electric

Ice-Cream Maker Machine Soft-Serve Electric

Ice-Cream Maker Machine Soft-Serve Electric Features

  • RELIABLE ice cream maker to prepare your favorite recipes with no worries. OVERHEAT PROTECTED motor made to last. BI-DIRECTIONAL PADDLE makes sure it doesn't get stuck in thick mixtures.
  • FDA approved, ETL listed - safe for you and your family. FREEZE-BURN PROTECTED with a special grip ring to protect your fingers
  • FAST and EASY to operate, mix and clean. DIGITAL timer for easy operation. LARGE PORING SPOUT for additional ingredients
  • FUN and CREATIVE way to spend time with your family with a tasty reward. FREE ice cream scoop included
  • INNOVATIVE No Salt or Ice Needed with a special double-wall insulated freezing bowl! Forget about paper hassle and simply scan the QR-code on the side of the machine to access recipe book in your phone. Compatible with 110V power network ONLY. For use outside North America you would have to purchase a power converter for at least 20W

Ice-Cream Maker Machine Soft-Serve Electric Description

Our Ice-cream maker is designed to prepare soft-serve ice-cream, frozen yogurt and sorbet from a variety of recipes. Follow the instructions to get basic recipes and use your imagination and creativity to invent your own “know-how” delicacy. Make sure to place the freezing bowl in your freezer at least 8 hours in advance (we suggest you simply store the inner bowl in a freezer for those “suden guests situations”. Prepare a recipe mixture following the instructions, allow it to chill for a few minutes to get better results. Place the inner bowl in the machine and assemble it completely. Make sure you have the machine running and pour the mixture in the inner bowl. Leave about 2 inches from top, because the mixture will increase in volume and may rize over the top, if overfilled. Now sit back and relax, or watch the mixture turn into soft-serve ice-cream. Serve in chilled bowls to avoid quick melting. Reliable Motor – There is no need to watch the mixture grow thicker and thicker – intelligent motor will change the direction of rotation of the paddle to prevent overheating. In the unlikely event of overheating the safety circuit will engage and the motor will shut off. If this happens, unplug the machine from the wall outlet and allow it to cool down.

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