NutriChef PKPRC15 High Power Electric Pressure Cooker Features

  • High-Powered Cooking Heating Element 1000 Watt
  • Cooking Pot Container Capacity: 6+ Quarts
  • Maximum Time Setting: Up to 90 Minutes
  • 'Keep Warm' Mode: ON / OFF
  • Power Cord Length: 2.5' Feet

NutriChef PKPRC15 High Power Electric Pressure Cooker Description

The NutriChef Digital Stress Cooker gives you with handy meals prep capacity. It is possible for you to to cook dinner smarter and put together meals as much as 70% faster than utilizing conventional cooking strategies. Cook dinner, bake, steam, boil or braise meals quicker than ever! The enclosed stress cooking system combines a high-powered heating ingredient that helps preserve a continuing and constant cooking temperature. Your meals will retain all of their pure taste and juices — in addition to retaining their helpful dietary worth, for good & wholesome consuming. The built-in stress security valve and lock-top lid ensures thorough cooking, all whereas being time & power environment friendly. Use the entrance panel management settings to create meals the entire household will get pleasure from. The non-stick teflon coated cooking pot is detachable for straightforward serving and cleansing. Get pleasure from handy kitchen type with the NutriChef Digital Stress Cooker.

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