The Guide to Fixing Common Plumbing Issues

October 17, 2023

Plumbing problems may occur at the worst possible time, causing stress and even damage to a home. Leaky pipes and leaky faucets are two common plumbing issues homeowners face. This guide will teach you the causes, remedies, and how to prevent these common issues. If you need a professional Cardiff, NSW plumber, we will discuss the best time to contact them.

What Causes Leaky Faucets?

  • Wearing out Washers: Within most faucets are rubber washers. These washers create a waterproof seal when the water is turned off. Over time, these rubber washers can degrade or damage, leading to leaks.
  • Loose, damaged parts: The components of a faucet, such as the O-rings, seals, or gaskets, can become loose. All of these parts that fail can cause a water leak.
  • High Pressure: Extremely high pressures can stress your plumbing, eventually leading to leaks.

Leaky Faucet Fixes with DIY

  • Turn off Water: You should always turn off the water supply before you repair a faucet. You’ll typically find a shut-off valve beneath the sink.
  • Dismantle a Faucet. Take the faucet apart to see the problematic parts. Please keep a record of the order you remove each part.
  • Inspect the Rubber Washers and O-rings for Wear or Damage. If you find any signs of wear, replace them with new parts. If there are any problems with the washers or O-rings, you should replace them immediately.
  • Reassemble & Test: reassemble the faucet the opposite way you disassemble it. Turn on your water supply. Check the faucet to see if there are any leaks. If you continue to have problems, replace the whole faucet.

Remember to follow manufacturer-specific guidelines and have the necessary tools for DIY faucet repairs. If you need clarification about the repair process or if the leak continues after the fix, it is time to contact a plumber in Cardiff, NSW.

Emergency Solutions and Causes of Burst Pipes

Burst pipes can cause serious damage to your home. The difference can be made by knowing the signs of the burst pipe.

Burst Pipes Causes

  • Freezing Conditions: In winter regions where temperatures are cold, the water that freezes in pipes expands and can cause them to burst. Proper insulation is one way to avoid the problem.
  • Corruption: Over time, pipes will corrode internally, causing them to become weaker and more likely to burst.
  • Extreme Water Pressure: A high water pressure will eventually cause your pipes to burst.

Burst pipes – What to Do?

  • Turn off the water: Your first step to dealing with an exploding pipe is to shut down the main water source to your home. This will keep water out of the damaged pipe.
  • Faucets for Drainage: Turn on faucets all over your home to drain out the water in the pipes.
  • Locate The Burst Pipe: You should try to find the source of a burst tube. This may be challenging, but it is crucial for effective repair.
  • Temporary Seal: If you can access the ruptured area, a temporary seal can be applied using epoxy, a plumber’s tape, or a clamp. These solutions will provide a temporary solution until a plumbing professional arrives.


For homeowners, plumbing issues are common. These include leaky faucets, burst piping, and leaking pipes. Taking preventative measures and understanding the causes will reduce the chance of these problems happening. Feel free to contact a professional Cardiff, NSW plumber when you face plumbing issues requiring immediate assistance or beyond your DIY abilities. Their knowledge and quick action can save money, time, and even the stress of dealing with plumbing emergencies.