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Contemporary Pool Mosaics

As the weather starts to warm up, there’s nothing more exciting than looking forward to that first dip of the season. Having a pool is already a wonderful experience, but customizing it to fit your needs helps elevate that. Adding contemporary pool mosaics can help you bring your personal touch right to your backyard. With unique designs made to match anyone’s taste, these mosaics are sure to bring out the smiles at every pool party you throw.

What Are Contemporary Pool Mosaics?

A pool mosaic is a collection of glass or porcelain tiles laid out to create a specific design. Many contemporary pool mosaics feature aquatic designs, such as dolphins, mermaids, or sea turtles. But contemporary designs don’t have to be marine-inspired to work in your pool. Nearly any object or design can be created as a mosaic. And with intricate designs and natural colors, every mosaic is sure to look wonderful underneath the crisp, clear waters of your pool.

Can You Have Multiple Contemporary Pool Mosaics?

Mosaic designs can be scaled to fit any pool size or layout. You can easily mix and match pool mosaics to create stunning underwater features that enhance your swimming experience. By adding more than one mosaic at a time, you allow your full creative expression to come through, making your pool unique to your tastes. 

How Long Does Pool Mosaic Installation Take?

Once the water is drained out of the pool, mosaic installation typically only takes about two days to complete. By using a backing mesh to install the tiles, workers can quickly create beautiful mosaic designs in your pool. However, it does take some time for the adhesion to firm up, so you should wait another four days before refilling the pool once the mosaics are installed.

Contemporary Pool Mosaic Maintenance

Keeping your mosaics in good condition helps increase their lifespan, keeping your swimming sessions fun and beautiful for longer. To help keep your mosaics well-maintained, it’s important to perform regular inspections to ensure they are clean. If you do notice any dirt or chemical buildup, you can clean your mosaic tiles with a soft-bristled brush to help maintain their shine and luster. The more attentive you are with cleaning and maintenance, the longer your mosaics will last.

Choosing Contemporary Pool Mosaics for Your Pool

When it comes time to order your contemporary pool mosaics, you want to make sure you have all the information you need ahead of time. Choosing your mosaics can be fun, but you do need to take certain factors into consideration. For example, darker tiles are more difficult to see at night, so if you often swim in the evenings, you may want to choose a brighter color or a glow-in-the-dark design. Choosing the right size of mosaic is also important. Smaller mosaics in bigger pools are harder to notice, but larger mosaics take more time to clean and maintain. Choosing the right contemporary pool mosaics for your pool can be time-consuming, but it’s worth it for the effect they have on your swim time.

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