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GeneralGet rid of your popcorn ceiling

Get rid of your popcorn ceiling

Everybody makes mistakes! We’re human! We’re human and we are not afraid to admit our mistakes! We will never cover up any mistakes or problems in our work. That is not how we operate. When one of our team members mistook his foot and stepped on the open floor in the ensuite bathroom, we immediately informed the client and began to repair the problem.

Here’s the tricky part the hole was in a popcorn ceiling that extended from the large living room through the hallway to the front entry. Although the actual hole was 8″x8″, the amount of work required to repair this error was enormous. The main floor was affected by this hole, apart from the kitchen. While a typical hole in the ceiling can be repaired quickly and easily, stucco that’s an entirely different story!

That horrible Popcorn Ceiling Removal everyone hates! We’re often asked to remove stucco/popcorn roofs and smoothen them. It looks so dated and traps dust in your home, no matter how clean it is.

Rob is our full-time professional taper, which was a blessing as we had the best professionals working on this repair. No matter how skilled you may be, it is impossible to match the stucco once it has been applied mechanically by its original builder. That was obvious to us.

We knew what we had to do. We removed all stucco from the main floor ceilings, skim coated everything, and primed and painted ceilings on the main floors of the house. All this was done at no cost to the client! We were going to correct our mistake and make it right.

Our client was always unhappy with her stucco ceiling, so we were thrilled to make this mistake for her! She is thrilled with her new smooth ceiling. We were honest and stood behind our work as well as our mistakes.

Our most requested renovation project

We are most often asked for quotes to remove popcorn or stucco from ceilings. Although this is something that clients desire for aesthetic reasons, it can pose serious health risks to their health.

What is the popcorn ceiling?

Popcorn ceilings are a common feature in homes built from the 1930s to the 1990s. It was used to mask many flaws in the ceiling. It was cost-effective and time-efficient. The acoustic roof is also known as an acoustic ceiling. It absorbs sound and reduces the noise. These ceilings are similar to cottage cheese. The ceiling will have bumpy stuff sticking to it. Some are adorned with 1970-era sparkles.

A dust trap

Popcorn ceilings trap a lot of dust! It’s hard to see, but you will find dust particles in the bumps. Popcorn ceilings are difficult to clean and dust so it is common for this area to remain. A smooth ceiling won’t collect dust. Even if it does, it can be easily cleaned with a dust cloth or mop. However, a popcorn ceiling does not have this problem.

Many clients have commented on how much easier it is for them to breathe once the popcorn is gone. One client had a stuffy, swollen nose. It was probably allergies. One month later, his breathing became about 60% easier.

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