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GeneralWhat is Evaporative Cooling And Humidity?

What is Evaporative Cooling And Humidity?

We’ve frequently heard that evaporative coolers won’t operate in humid environments or some parts of the world due to humidity levels. There is a widespread belief that evaporative coolers will not function in humid conditions. While we agree thatportable evaporative cooler accomplish considerable temperature declines in more dry climes and drier places, we also know that thanks to developments in evaporative cooling technology, they can give relief from the heat in any environment.

So, to begin, let’s go through the fundamentals of how Portacool products function. The science of humidity and its influence on evaporative cooling efficiency will next be discussed.

Evaporative Coolers And Their Operation

Water is used to naturally cool air in evaporative cooling systems. To finish the process of evaporation, hot or warm air is drawn through the medium and reacts with the water. The heated air is cooled as it evaporates. A fan distributes the cooled air via the evaporative cooler’s front.

Let us now look at how humidity affects evaporative cooling efficiency.

Humidity Data From Scientific Sources

Regardless of what you may have heard, there is an opportunity for some evaporation if the humidity level (wet bulb temperature) is less than 100 percent. The greater the ambient air temperature (dry-bulb temperature), the faster evaporation and hence the colder the air. The greater the difference in temperatures between your wet and dry bulbs, the greater the evaporation efficiency.

In layman’s terms, when temperatures climb (it becomes hotter), humidity levels fall (it gets dryer). On a typical day, the humidity will be greater in the morning while temperatures are lower. As the temperature increases and the afternoon heats up, the humidity will decrease.

To put it another way, when the air temperature (dry bulb) rises, so will the humidity (wet bulb). Rain is, of course, an exception.

Without measuring equipment, such as thermometers and hygrometers, most of us are unable of determining how hot it is or what the humidity level is. It cannot be 100°F with 90% humidity under natural conditions, even if we as humans announce an uncomfortable outdoor atmosphere by claiming, it feels like 110 degrees with 99 percent humidity. We understand how oppressive it seems, but it is not possible scientifically.

When the air is particularly dry, such as in the desert areas of the Southwest, where the relative humidity is often 30% or less, Portacool evaporative coolers may reduce the ambient temperature by up to 30°F. Even in hot and humid places, you should expect a 10°F-13°F temperature reduction.

Evaporative Cooling Is A Realistic Alternative

Portable evaporative coolers like the Portacool are a viable choice for creating a more pleasant atmosphere when air conditioning is not an option. On hot days, a portable evaporative cooler may help you enjoy outdoor activities and places better, whether you’re in a manufacturing plant, automobile garage, barn, porch, shed, dugout, or football sidelines.

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